Minutes and Business Papers

Business Papers for a meeting of the Members are published online at three days prior to the meeting date.

The conduct of meetings of Members is described in the Namoi Unlimited Code of Meeting Practice.

Agendas, business papers and minutes from the previous meeting are included in the PDFs below.

Item 4.1.1 Namoi Workforce Attraction And Retention Strategy

Item 4.1.2 Namoi Workforce Attraction And Retention Strategy

Item 4.1.3 Namoi Workforce Attraction And Retention Strategy

Item 5.1 Namoi Unlimited Board Meeting 14 June 2023 Minutes

Item 5.2 Namoi Board Extraordinary Meeting 23 October 2023 Minutes

Item 5.3 Namoi Audit Risk And Improvement Committee 26 October 2023 Minutes

Item 5.4 Namoi Joint Organisation Financial Statements 2022 23

Item 5.5.1 Namoi Joint Organisation Quarterly Budget Review Statement

Item 5.5.2 Namoi Joint Organisation Incomplete Works

Namoi Joint Organisation Public Notice Presentation Of Financial Statements 2022 23

Namoi Joint Organisation – Financial Statements – 2022-23

Namoi Public Notice 2020-21

20201208 AGA Board Meeting – Walcha – for publication

Namoi Joint Organisation – Financial Statements and Audit Response – 2019-20

Namoi Joint Organisation – Public Notice 2019-20

20201006 AGA Board Meeting – Tamworth – for publication

20200901 AGA Board Meeting – Quirindi – for publication

20200707 AGA Board Meeting – Gwydir

20200602 AGA Board Meeting – Walcha

200303 AGA Board Meeting – Walcha

200204 AGA Board Meeting – Gunnedah

191203 AGA Board Meeting – Bingara including 2018-2019 Annual Performance Report and 2018-19 Financials

191107 AGA Board Meeting – Gunnedah

The General Purpose Financial Reports for period ending 30 June, 2019 will be presented in accordance with the Public Notice of 2018-19 Financial Reports.  Financial statements can be viewed here.

191017 AGA Board Meeting – Walcha

191002 Extraordinary Meeting

190910 AGA Board Meeting – Tamworth

190806 AGA Board Meeting

190702 AGA Board Meeting – Quirindi with Water for the Future Reports, Volume 1 Water Resources and Volume 2 Analysis and Strategy

20190507 AGA Board Meeting – Tamworth

190402 AGA Borad Meeting – Walcha

190305 AGA Board Meeting – Bingara

190205 AGA Board Meeting -Quirindi

181204 AGA Board Meeting – Gunnedah

181016 AGA Board Meeting – Canberra

181002 AGA Board Meeting – Tamworth

180807 AGA Board Meeting – Bingara


One of the key functions of a Joint Organisation of Councils in NSW is to define regional priorities and plans for achieving those priorities.

Namoi Unlimited summaries its strategic regional priorities, projects and inter-governmental relations in its Statement of Strategic Regional Priorities.

For more detail refer to the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.
Annual project activity and expenditure is included in the 2020-2021 Business Plan.

Namoi Unlimited has adopted a Charter document which outlines the operational and governance principles for the Joint Organisation.

Namoi Unlimited produces a Revenue Policy annually which outlines the organisations fees and charges.

Public Attendance

In accordance with section 5.3 of the Code of Meeting Practice, any member of the public is entitled to attend an Ordinary Meeting of the Joint Organisation.

This does not apply to parts of a Meeting that have been closed to the public under section 10A of the NSW Local Government Act.

You should refer to the Code of Meeting Practice before attending a meeting of Members.

The Joint Organisation may allow members of the public to make representations at a meeting.

Members of the public who wish to make representation on an item on a meeting agenda must make an application in writing to the Executive Officer of the Joint Organisation by email to by 12.00pm on the day prior to the Meeting.

Advocacy and Leadership

Members of Namoi Unlimited will consider and can accept and endorse positions of advocacy and leadership on behalf of the community.

Namoi Unlimited has established policy and process templates to guide its deliberations and decisions on advocacy.

You should read the policy, procedure and complete the template for an advocacy proposal.

If you have any questions about the advocacy role or process please contact the Executive Officer on (02) 6767 5267.

Advocacy and Leadership Policy

Advocacy and Leadership Procedure

Advocacy and Leadership Proposal

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