International Engagement Project, China

International Engagement Project, China

In 2015, the Namoi Councils Joint Organisation undertook research with the Regional Australia Institute to understand how as a collaboration, the group could influence economic growth in the region. Six levers were identified which included:

  • Engaging in international markets;
  • Attracting international investment on the right terms;
  • Understanding the impact of global commodity markets;
  • Supporting agricultural innovation;
  • Leveraging and marketing with a regional brand; and
  • Understanding the impacts of urbanisation.

In July 2017, Namoi Unlimited commenced the International Engagement Project, China. The International Engagement Project – China is seeking to address 5 of the 6 levers identified in the ‘Shaping the Future Factors’ report.

Local Government jurisdictions in the Namoi region want to identify opportunities to facilitate investment, accelerate trade, partner to increase innovation and productivity in agriculture, and provide an opportunity for tourism exchange to shape the future of our industry and our communities.

The Namoi Councils Joint Organisation’s project is to:

  1. Develop a new cultural and economic relationship between the Namoi group of Councils and a region identified in China.
  2. Articulate the investment opportunities the Namoi Councils Joint Organisation is offering.
  3. Develop business links and forge partnerships with agriculture and agricultural innovators.
  4. Conduct awareness and promotional campaigns.

Investment Prospectus

Part of the awareness and promotional campaign for the Namoi Region is the Investment Prospectus.

This document was prepared ahead of the 2019 Namoi to the Ningbo Study Tour.

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