Drought Awareness and Advocacy

Drought Awareness and Advocacy

The Namoi region of NSW is one of the most drought-affected areas in Australia.

Namoi Unlimited believes drought and its impacts is a complex issue and requires collaborative and strategic thinking.

As Local Government Authorities, we are committed to working with the state and federal counterparts to create, implement and deliver initiatives and programs to ease the impact of the drought, prepare for recovery and build resilience and understanding for the next event.

In October 2019, Namoi Unlimited will lead a delegation of local business representatives to Canberra to share first-hand the impact of the drought on rural communities, discuss opportunities for change and advocate for additional drought funding.

To date, 31 recommendations and ideas have been shared with NSW and Australian governments.

Namoi Unlimited believes drought efforts must include: 

  •         Stimulating economic activity, conducting training and casual employment in drought-impacted communities
  •         Provision of water and additional services
  •         Easing the burden of drought on business (including agriculture) and the community through hardship provisions
  •         Reducing the potential for loss of business and population.

Our member councils offer and support a number of drought support programs. To learn more please visit your local council.

Walcha Council

Gwydir Shire Council

Tamworth Regional Council 

Gunnedah Shire Council

Liverpool Plains Shire Council 


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