Namoi Unlimited outlines its priorities ahead of the 2019 Federal Election

Namoi Unlimited outlines its priorities ahead of the 2019 Federal Election

Namoi Unlimited is calling on political parties and candidates in the upcoming Federal Election to
commit to regional and collaborative projects for Walcha Council, Tamworth Regional Council,
Gunnedah Shire Council, Liverpool Plains Shire Council and Gwydir Shire Council.

Chairperson of Namoi Unlimited and Mayor of Gunnedah Shire Council Councillor Jamie Chaffey
said, “election focus and campaigns help put regional and local issues on the political and public
radar, one of the key functions of Namoi Unlimited is to be a leader and an advocate for regional
opportunity and growth.
“Last October, Namoi Unlimited went to Canberra to talk to Government and departmental
representatives about our Strategic Regional Priorities, and what matters to the five Local
Government Members of Namoi Unlimited.

“At our April Board meeting, Members again endorsed those directions and are seeking a
commitment from those elected to deliver; better access to higher education, surety on electricity,
water infrastructure investment, high speed connectivity that enables business and addresses
black spots, assistance to build resilience during drought, and opportunities for the future such as
trade and investment,” explains Councillor Chaffey.

More specifically Namoi Unlimited is seeking:
 A shared vision and investment commitment in local and regional water security.
 A shared vision to enable agriculture, agribusiness, services and education grow into the
global export opportunity for food and fibre needs dedicated resourcing and support.
 A dedicated focus and acceleration of business and financial support for agribusiness to
help further drought proof regional communities.
 Ongoing funding and support for strategic road upgrades to improve safety and transform
key transport routes, freight corridors and pinch points that currently impede commerce.
 Invest in young people and their careers, including support for local training and
apprenticeship programs and funding to the Tamworth university proposal and other local
training providers.

Councillor Chaffey says “the message from Canberra has been that regional collaboration between Councils is encouraged and embraced.

We have the strategies, plans and are delivering some of the projects, let’s accelerate this and get the Namoi region working to deliver results for our communities.

“We hope this election leads to proactive debate and funding commitments to deliver projects that are important for the growth and development of our communities. Joint Organisations provide a vehicle for the Commonwealth to deliver on these opportunities.”

For interviews please phone Chair Jamie Chaffey on 0467 402 412

Namoi Unlimited is a Joint Organisation of Councils in NSW. Members of Namoi Unlimited are Gunnedah Shire Council, Gwydir Shire Council, Liverpool Plains Shire Council, Tamworth Regional Council and Walcha Council.

Joint Organisations of Councils are an initiative of the NSW Government and their role is to; identify strategic regional priorities and make plans to address them, intergovernmental relations, advocacy and leadership.

20190407 Namoi Unlimited outlines its priorities ahead of the Federal election

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